The Chicago Tree Project


Gard_three trees 2
Ron Gard
Flock 2
Margot McMahon
Kara James
Jim Long
Knight and Queen chess pieces in a Checkmate position are carved from two twenty-foot tall ash trunks at the corner of Belmont and Lake Shore Drive in Lincoln Park.  The Queen is eloquently gesturing that she has the last move.  The Queen has two stacked and toppling crowns above the stately profile and dress of Queen Elizabeth.  With a touch of humor, she has the frontal face of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. She is in a fierce moment of battle with raised stiletto heal compounding her steely gaze.  The apartment dwellers were taken into consideration with the composition directed to above.
Margot McMahon
J. Taylor Wallace
Ol' Blue2
Jim Long
Phillip Shore 1
Phillip Shore